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Mentor: Dr. Masanori Aikawa

Dr. Sarvesh Chelvanambi obtained his BA in Zoology with a minor in Finance at Miami University, Ohio in 2011. He then completed his Master degree in Biotechnology at the Pennsylvania State University in 2013. Sarvesh completed his PhD at the Indiana University School of Medicine in the lab of Dr. Matthias Clauss in 2019, where he studied the role of extracellular vesicles in promoting HIV related endothelial dysfunction which could be rescued with statin treatment. Sarvesh has always had a special place in his heart for communicating complex scientific ideas to a broad audience without diluting the underlying message. This stems from his experience representing Miami University’s Speech and Debate team for four years at National-level competitions and while presenting his research at various international conferences. Sarvesh won the 3 Minute Thesis competition at IUPUI and was the sole representation for his University at the Midwestern Association of Graduate Students conference in 2019.
Sarvesh joined the research group of Dr. Masanori Aikawa at the CICS as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in December of 2019. Sarvesh’s project investigates whether viral proteins alter macrophage heterogeneity and serve as a major contributor towards the increased prevalence of cardiovascular diseases among patients.

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